Pop training intro

It’s crazy like…

Following up on the success of their previous adidas collaboration, we were tasked to produce the sequel of the Pop and adidas Skateboarding collaboration.

The key piece of the campaign was the production of a film playing on Pop’s name and introducing a ‘training’ vibe to the campaign narrative.

Adidas Pop On Body 12 small
Adidas Pop On Body 07 small

Directed by Fabio De Frel and played out in Pop’s familiar tongue-in-cheek style, it told a story around the ‘Pop Training Company’ a fictional center to improve your ‘pop’ (which is referred to as ollie strength in skateboarding).

Using locations in and around Amsterdam, (the home of Pop Trading Co) and shot on an Arri Alexa the quality of the production brought a cinematic element to the campaign, with subtle nods to classic movies like Full Metal Jacket.

It featured Pop’s own skate team, alongside some key adidas pro skateboarders, such as Rodrigo TX, Felipe Gustavo, and Vincent Milou. The collection was showcased throughout the film and was designed in such a way that the two outfits available were one for the training facility staff and one for the pupils. Look closely and you might see our own creative director, Neil Chester making his acting debut.

Adidas Pop On Body 03 Vertical small
Adidas Pop On Body 09 small

Still imagery was shot by NYC based photographer, Zander Taketomo who also ran with a slight cinematic vibe to produce all needed 2D visuals for adidas skateboarding’s digital and social channels.