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"So you want to be a Skater, huh?"

For adidas first partnership with the Amsterdam based brand, Pop Trading Company, they turned to 1993 to realise the global campaign.

The capsule collection was outdoor inspired, using technical fabrics such as Gore-Tex, it was designed for the wet and windy conditions that are notorious of the Netherlands.

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Playing on how outdoor product is promoted, the partner wanted to explore a film idea that plays on this notion. Also, incorporating many old Dutch traditions and showcasing, in a humorous way, how tough it is to simply go skateboarding in the flat Dutch lands.

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1993 worked with the partner and client to executively produce the campaign film, which by all accounts met all expectations for a funny, insightful, and engaging piece of content that delivered on all its objectives. All campaign imagery and design layout were realised by 1993, which saw a rollout in print, social, and an exclusive adidas Confirmed editorial digital article.

The retail builds comprised of mini-Dutch scenes (including real moss flooring) that incorporated the product set against a small wind-machine to mimic a real-life feel of the Netherlands.

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Pop web retail