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‘What Is The Shape Of Infinity?’ By SIGHT MAGAZINE for Porsche Newsroom

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Working alongside Sight Magazine, we produced a short film for Porsche Newsroom. Titled ‘What Is The Shape Of Infinity?’ the film focuses on the up and coming musician and influencer Shawny Sander as she escapes everyday modern life in search of space and creativity together with her fellow traveller Lisa-Marie Bosbach.

In moving to the countryside Sander discovered a different way of living, enjoying the beauty, the serenity and the solitude that has proved surprisingly comforting. Growing up around vintage cars, she was the perfect fit for combining this unique way of life with the inspiring flow of motion. In the short film, driving serves as a metaphor for freedom, a place for new ideas and the empowerment of feeling unbound space and time.

"To go beyond is to pass an invisible threshold"

With a story written by Rosie Flanagan, we employed the warm voice of narrator Ella Newell: “To go beyond is to pass an invisible threshold” and, “to escape the confines of your current state”. In doing so - you accept the world as an infinite space, with the film portraying unlimited possibilities with time to dream and explore. Sander drives for pleasure, to calmly stimulate her mind as the road directs the journey, getting lost in thought and reality and endlessly finding something new.

Dreamscape Message and Muted Tones

The film was directed and edited by Robin Pailler, whose natural style suited the concept and dreamscape message. Still photography was shot by Marcel Boer, who used muted tones to further highlight the feel we wanted to convey.

‘What Is The Shape Of Infinity?’ and the full editorial article was launched on the Porsche Newsroom website and the story is included in the latest edition of Sight Magazine.

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