Website Re-Launch & Magazine Launch

  • Content Production

From design and construction to interior planning - our client, JANS offers highly individualized turn-key homes that are customizable at every step of the journey. To launch their new website, we created a holistic communication concept for JANS based on the company’s philosophy and lifestyle approach.

The first step of our long-term partnership started by producing unique high-quality content, which underpinned the site relaunch and across Edition 001, JANS new in-house magazine, which we pioneered and produced.

Creating an Image

To create a personal image of the family-owned company and showcase their high-quality craftsmanship, we partnered with photographer Constantin Mirbach who brought a combination of technical, and lifestyle-led imagery, which brought a new visual identity to JANS.

UX Comms

Building upon this identity, we crafted a new visual communication through the JANS website. Implementing a fresh UX/UI journey we improved the brand message, highlighting their customizable services and improving the customer experience.

JANS In-Print

For the ultimate in premium communication, we created a luxury 100-page off-set print magazine to exemplify the new JANS brand. Combining beautiful photography and editorial it lays out JANS products and services, immerses the customer in the JANS world, and concludes the brand experience.

Head over to jans.lu to check out our work and order a free copy of the magazine.

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