Red Bull


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In 2015 we built and produced a concept video project for Red Bull Skateboarding. We used a unique monochrome black and white setting, which was an old military base in Mannheim, Germany.

Featuring a modular 45m backdrop and skate obstacles dotted throughout, it allowed us to film a complete line in a studio.

The project included Red Bull team riders, Jost Arens, Vladik Scholz and Denny Pham who went all in to make the best use of the abstract setting. Their collective efforts made the visual concept work as stylishly as possible.

The project was realised with help from our friends at Modest Department, who led the cinematography on the progressive video concept. The project fully came to life with the addition of still photography, shot by Christoph Maderer, which made this artistic take on skateboarding complete.

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