JANS Privat Außen

Individual Homes made in Luxembourg

From design and construction to interior planning - our client, JANS offers highly individualized turn-key homes that are customizable at every step of the journey.

To launch their new website, we created a holistic communication concept for JANS based on the company’s philosophy and lifestyle approach.

Jans full screen 2
JANS privat Küche frontal

To create a personal image of the family-owned company and showcase their high-quality craftsmanship, we partnered with photographer Constantin Mirbach who brought a combination of technical, and lifestyle-led imagery, which brought a new visual identity to JANS.

The first step of our long-term partnership started by producing unique high-quality content, which underpinned the site relaunch and across Edition 001, JANS new in-house magazine, which we pioneered and produced.

Jans full screen mockup