IG Post 06 Charonne

CHARONNE Skatepark

As a follow up to 2018’s Das Days Paris, adidas Skateboarding was looking to maintain its meaningful brand connection with the Parisian skate community.

Whilst the public plaza, Republique, naturally lent itself to skateboarding there wasn't any specifically built skate facility within central Paris that was respected by the community and purpose-built for skateboarding.

IG Story 06 Charonne

Together with Yamato Living Ramps, 1993 designed, built and executed the Rue de Charonne skate facility in a unique way. Combining the allure of Parisian inspired street spots alongside friendly skatepark style furniture it created a destination that immediately got respect as a forward-thinking ‘skatepark’. In-house we created subtle adidas branding to the ‘Charonne’ logo, which was key given this was not a brand-led exercise and a community offering.

A launch event consisting of members of adidas Skateboarding Global team covered by invited skate media from around Europe gained the necessary exposure to firmly root the space within the community.